Thursday, April 23, 2015

Updates School Garden!

We want to update you on the happenings at our school garden!

Remember the tomatoes kids transplanted back in March? Well, we staked them yesterday because they are getting big!

Staked tomatoes

 Also our arbor was finished!! We want to thank Mr. Raymond for his wonderful work! As you can see in the pictures below our pumpkin and cantaloupe plants are growing fast.  They look healthy and absolutely beautiful!

Beautiful Arbor! 

A couple of weeks ago Kindergarteners planted radishes around the pumpkins and the cantaloupes to keep bad bugs away! Have you heard of companion planting? It's a really great method used in organic gardening. 
Kindergarteners watering radishes after planting  

This week our HEAL students thinned the radishes to make sure they grow healthy and strong! 

One of our HEAL student thinning the radishes 

We have also started to work in our butterfly garden. Flowers are blooming! 

We will keep you posted with more updates soon.

In the meantime we always welcome volunteers to help us carry out this work. If you know anyone interested send them our way! Click here for more information. 

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