Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Food Day - Part 2

We just want to report back with great news! Food Day at ARISE Academy on October 24 was a success! Food Day celebrates good, real food! We decided to celebrate it by inviting ARISE Academy students to our garden.

We had the opportunity to have visitors from  2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th grades, all of whom learned and had fun!

*We took weight and measurements for body mass index.

*We prepared healthy lettuce wraps! Ingredients included : hummus, carrots, turkey, cucumbers and green onion!

*We checked our blood pressure tested and received a goody 'health' bag at the Daughters of Charity Mobile Health Van!


*We held a health challenge activity!

We worked with a great team of partners from Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans, Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies, ARISE Academy and LSU Ag Center to make this Food Day event a success.

A huge thank you to our volunteers: Nikit, Mengxi, Rebekah, Candance and Christian for all of their support!

We also want to thank our group of Sankofa HEAL student who created the Food Day event welcome sign.  Stay tuned- these scholars will be leading our next health fair on November 21!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sankofa will celebrate Food Day at ARISE Academy!

We are getting ready to celebrate our 3rd Food Day celebration! Food day is a national event where organizations, communities, schools come together and celebrate food… ONLY real food.

Having that idea in mind we are holding a Food Day fair at our learning garden at ARISE Academy which is currently being converted into a rainbow garden! With the help of HEAL students and dedicated volunteers we painted the garden beds into a variety of colors for ARISE students to enjoy.

Garden bed painted! 

What is engaging and fun about the rainbow garden is that within each colored box is planted a vegetable that has the same color!

HEAL student measuring and planting red lettuce and radishes!

Also very beneficial for the environment we recently planted a butterfly garden. We can’t wait to see the students faces when they see the caterpillars!

HEAL students admiring the flowers at butterfly garden 

The Food Day fair at ARISE will have around 100 students involved in various activities surrounding the issue of real food. ARISE scholars will learn the importance of composting (worms included!), healthy eating, they will also challenge themselves to take a healthy 30 day challenge! 

Keep posted for the post - event posting!

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