Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HEAL students teach kindergarteners how to keep their organs healthy!

This school year we taught HEAL students not only to eat well, but how their bodies (and organs) are affected by what they eat and do!

In order to teach this in an effective, interactive way, we helped each student to create a life size model of their bodies (The kids loved it and were really engaged with this activity!) 

Over a series of classes the students learned about the major organs : heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, brain, liver! Did you know ?  The average adult heart beats 72 times a minute and 100,000 times a day! That's a lot of beating! 

One of the models is currently displayed in the school cafeteria for everyone to see and learn!
Also, our older HEAL students participated in the fun by giving presentations on organs to the kindergarteners.

Each one of the HEAL students had the opportunity to present on a particular organ's functions and threats. Following the presentation, HEAL students asked questions to the kindergarteners who were happy to participate!

This was a great interactive activity and the first time our HEAL students presented health topics in their school. Developing leadership skills and helping children gain the confidence to develop their own voice is one of Sankofa’s goals with the HEAL program! We will definitely hold more health presentations in the near future!

Fun Facts about Organs
·      Every day, kidneys filter the body’s total blood supply about 12 times per hour.
·      The small intestine is actually much longer than the large intestine.
·      By the age of eighteen your brain stops growing
·      The average adult heart beats 2.5 billion times during a lifetime.

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